Mattress for round tipper

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The thickness of the mattress protects the potatoes from socks while loading and unloading.
The anti-adhesive mattress avoids having to raise the tipper too high, allowing unloading from the rear, and therefore limiting the speed of the flow of potatoes.


No longer any need to scrape the bottom of the tipper thanks to the materials used during fabrication of the mattress, allowing complete anti-adhesion.


Width of foam : 1m25
Width of tarpaulin : 1m30
Standard length : 6m, 6m70, 7m20, +flap 0m50 per mattress which can be cut to precisely fit the tipper.


  • Rounded iron 10mm thickness
  • With fixing : 3 rings to be welded or screwed into the tipper
  • 3 shackles and 3 fixing brackets as well as a rubber flap fixed directly on to the mattress
  • 1m30 rounded iron with fixing point 10cm from each far end and one in centre (0,10 + 0,55 + 0,55 + 0,10)

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